Around Town: Fight Crime With a Fork

Today’s activity is pretty simple (although sorry for the late notice). Go out to eat dinner at one of twenty restaurants and help fight crime. Not a bad deal. And, unlike many charitable eating events, this one has participating restaurants for all budgets. You a high rolling fancy pants? Do your crime fighting at Restaurant August or Commander’s Palace. Not quite to that level? Zea’s and Acme Oyster House are there for you. Just a struggling college student, been decimated by the recent stock market shenanigans or watching the return of football to National TV (Seattle at San Diego at 7:00 pm on ESPN)? Bruno’s can meet your needs, just be sure to be nice to the bartenders.

For a list of all participating restaurants, click here. To look into what you’re money will be going to, check out the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation here. Want to see something bizarre and amazing, click here (don’t worry, it is SFW).

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